A Pocket Full of Blood
"Everyone has a script. They have an actor".

A crime/thriller co-produced and written by Tim Boxell. Shallow Grave meets Entourage in this story about three Hollywood wannabees who mistakenly kidnap a guy they believe to be the world's most famous actor. (in development)


"The only thing worse than dying is watching a friend die first... LOL".

A horror film that approaches the slasher genre with a high-tech stab. When a group of college students return home to mourn the brutal slaying of a friend, they find themselves the targets of revenge. It's the ultimate payback for cyber-bullying an unpopular girl in an internet chatroom, causing her suicide. Now it's their turn to be tormented by technology as a mysterious killer massacres them one by one. Written by W.T. McCoy. (in development)

Cabrillo Highway
"Easy money never is..."

A crime caper along the lines of Pulp Fiction and Bound. A surfer girl down on her luck, gets involved in a scam to make a quick buck. In no time she finds herself framed for murder and on the run from the Mexican mob, the corrupt police and the media spot light. Written by Harmen Axe (in development)






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